Saturday, January 28, 2017

Circular Slip 'n' Slide

Thursday was Australia Day, and as always, there were plenty of summertime fun celebrations. In Canberra, this epic circular slip 'n' slide makes us all wish we lived Down Under. Jake River Henderson Fraser caught this video.
Redditor owenob1 tells us more about the contraption.

EDIT: Phil the creator will be on Today Show, Sunday morning.

Some information:

This is an annual event with a new machine each year. I'm told this is the 4-5th year.

It took about 7 days to design and engineer (and built).

This was made from scratch and not actually a Hills Hoist.

The entire centre pipe is pumped full of water to provide to the hoses.

The rig has 3 speeds, this is number 1... the others were deemed too unsafe.

There is an operator who sits and awaits a thumbs up.

Ordinary dishwashing liquid is used of the black sheeting.

When you fall off it hurts - ALOT.
Meanwhile, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere can stay inside in our winter pajamas and dream of such fun. (via reddit)

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