Wednesday, November 23, 2016

OK Go Video Filmed in Mere Seconds

OK Go is a band known for their imaginative music videos. It's like, "The song is OK, but go watch the video." Their latest is called "The One Moment." The band explains what's going on in the video:
The first three quarters of the video, from the beginning of the song until I pick up the umbrella at the a cappella breakdown, unfold over 4.2 seconds of real time. Then I lip sync in real time for about 16 seconds (we thought it was important to have a moment of human contact at this point in the song, so we returned to the realm of human experience) and we return to slow motion for the final chorus paint scene, which took a little longer than 3 seconds in real time.
There are 318 things happening here, at different rates that synch up with the tune. Even if you're not impressed by the concept, you'll love all the splashing, explosions, and breakage. Read more about how it was done at the band's website. (via Digg)

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