Thursday, November 24, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

The Invention of News. Journalism is easier when someone goes ahead and writes a press release.

The average Thanksgiving dinner is around 2,500 calories. They used large servings to calculate that, so go ahead and have a second helping.

The Murderer Who Came on the Mayflower. (Thanks, Aliza!)

Indians, Slaves, and Mass Murder: The Hidden History.

The science of survival in Antarctica. A series of four videos tells us how people live and work down there non the cold.

Visit the Kansas farm that accidentally became the digital center of the U.S. When you live at the default location, all kinds of horrible things happen.

The Catholic Church has a new phone app for making a confession. It's named The Catholic App, but many are already calling is Sinder.

President Obama had a 'corny-copia' of bad dad jokes at this year's turkey pardon. With two months to retirement, you can blame him for having a little fun.

Why We Eat What We Eat On Thanksgiving. Mainly because our traditional dishes are just so darn delicious.

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