Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Steak and Eggs

Warning: earworm. Toronto musician Aaron Ridge (@Dopeusmaximus) had a little fun on Snapchat by constructing a song around cooking a meal, Disney-style. He assembled all the parts into one video to share with us.
Yeah, this sounds just like something you’d find in a Disney animated film. Joeyfingis supplied a plot:
That spin at the end, I picture his cape twirling around him, his riding boots clicking on the tile, and there's a princess who's secretly in love with him spying through the window wishing her father would let her marry the dashing, horseback riding, castle chef. Little does anyone know, his biological mother was the Queen long ago and he's destined to rule! Unfortunately for the star crossed pair, their love will have to wait. They will suffer through years of sexually charged friendly tension, he will always be there on his horse to save her from her adventurous miss steps, keeping her out of trouble with her evil great uncle the illegitimate King.

But one day, a traveling beggar will walk through the kingdom, and upon hearing the melodious voice of the chef singing the royal morning-time Steak and Eggs tune of a long forgotten lineage of gracious rulers, the beggar will reveal herself as none other than the chef's nanny, once top advisor to the Queen! The chef's ascent to the throne will be swift, as the populace helps to overthrow the evil illegitimate King, and the Chef/Prince/King will swoop up his long time princess lover onto his steed and kiss her deeply as they cross the threshold into the castle grand room where a massive wedding has sprung up for them! Steaks and Eggs will rain from the ceiling as the town's people empty the castle pantrys of the new King's favorite dish!!!!!!!

Horaaay horaay, a wondrous day, now we all can eat these tasty Steak and Eggs!!!
Now how long will it take until someone does an animated sequence to go with the song? And how long will it take to get “Steak and Eggs” out of my head? (via reddit)

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