Friday, April 15, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

You Don't Win Friends with Salad. The story of the salad bar: its origins, rise, fall, and possible resurrection.

Interview With The Vampire: 40 Years of Remorseful Bloodsuckers. A vampire with feelings for his prey turned the monster into a sexy beast.

Where Do U.S. Taxes Actually Go? Take a quiz to see how much you know about the U.S. budget.

Is Empty Nose Syndrome Real? Sufferers are misdiagnosed because few are familiar with the condition, and doctors can’t find anything to fix.

More Babies Are Sleeping in Boxes — and That's a Good Thing. The story of Finland’s baby boxes explains how a small gift can generate big returns. 

Women Do What They Need To Do To Survive. Woman know that fighting back or resisting rape can lead to injury or death, but men (including police) often interpret lack of resistance as consent. (via Metafilter

The Murky History of the Ice Cream Cone.

What The People vs. O.J. Simpson got wrong about the jury.

The Prison Visit That Cost My Family $2,370. Yeah, families get punished, too. 

Uncovering the Legendary Buried Atari Games of New Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert.   

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