Monday, February 29, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

9 Things Lost or Found on Trains. Not all things, just the profoundly precious things.

Modern Solo Adventures. After The Force Awakens, we were left to imagine the hilarious family interactions we missed between episodes VI and VII.

The Deactivation of the American Worker. You don't even get fired, just turned off.

A pictorial timeline of many celebrities. And more here. (via reddit)

The Teen Who Invented Bras Lived in a Castle, Published Hemingway, Much More.

10 Surprising Ways NASA Technology Has Improved Life On Earth. Including many things we take for granted.

Questions the Star Wars Expanded Universe Can Answer About The Force Awakens. But Disney can still throw in a twist wherever they want.

How Spoilers Work. There is a statute of limitations on discussing pop culture media.

6 Weird Realities Of Life On The Set Of The Walking Dead. An anonymous resident of Senoia, Georgia, explains what it’s like.

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