Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Possible Pain During Execution. Harold Hillman’s research will make you think. 

This Baby Bunny Named Wheelz Gets Around On A Tiny Skateboard Wheelchair. Despite paralysis, he moves faster than the other rabbits.

The Moments of Rasputin’s Life That Should Feature in Robert Eggers’ Miniseries. Good or bad, it’s bound to be fascinating.

See the best costumes from London Super Comic Con 2016. Even in February, cosplayers came out to show their best sides.

10 Harrowing Survival Stories. So many different ways to find yourself in danger.

The Ladies' Privilege: Encouraging Women to Propose on Leap Day. They figured one day every four years should be enough.

The redemption of Marcia Clark. A tough woman in a can’t-win situation. (via Metafilter)

12 Over-the-Top Facts About Mommie Dearest.

The most powerful voter this year, who in her rapidly increasing numbers has become an entirely new category of citizen, is The Single American Woman.

How Randy Newman and His Family Have Shaped Movie Music for Generations. (via Digg


Anonymous said...

What? Another work about Rasputin? What is the point, when we already have one featuring the late great Alan Rickman?

Anonymous said...

Oops! Here's a clearer video

Anonymous said...

or, maybe HERE'S the clearer video!

Miss Cellania said...

Thanks! I'd love to see the whole thing someday.

Unknown said...

I s-o-o love photos without captions, they are very informative. (cosplay)

Miss Cellania said...

Ken, it might be more effective to leave a comment about that at Geeks Are Sexy.