Monday, February 22, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Building a Better Mousetrap.

The Lincoln Memorial was indeed built in a swamp, as a 1917 picture shows. A series of photographs at the Atlantic shows more of the construction, the dedication ceremony, and recent pictures as well. (via reddit)

Lost in Greece, Iraqi Cat Reunited with Family in Norway.

I dare you to read this and still feel good about tipping. (via Boing Boing)

President Donald Trump: Here’s how it happens.

10 Sinister Satanic Films. If you were thrilled with The Witch, you’ll want to explore the devilish movies that came before.

The Problems of Blade Runner Made It a Better Movie. How can a sequel even come close?

7 Easy Organizing Tricks You’ll Actually Want To Try. And containers to help you do it.

The World’s Most Mysterious Plant. A single vine will have a certain shape leaf while it grows across the ground, and then a different shape growing from the parts of the vine that climbs a tree.

How to survive solitary confinement. Those who’ve been there know the key is to keep your mind active.


Bruce said...

Wow, you've really bulked up there Miss C. Nice calves.

Miss Cellania said...

Well, you know, you gotta have muscle if you're gonna wrestle gators!