Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Truck vs. Tree

I dunno about this. It doesn’t look quite safe to me. But it must have turned out all right, because the entire video descriptions says,
Witness the awesome pulling power of Dodge trucks.
Pulling down a tree with a truck is not a recommended tactic. You might save some money by not hiring a professional, but getting flattened, no matter how small the chance, can be a devastating consequence.


WilliamRocket said...

Of course, here in the world, by which I mean all the 196 countries that are not the USA, we don't call these vehicles trucks.
Trucks are big diesel vehicles that transport very heavy loads ... they have at least 12 wheels, and their tyres stand about a metre high.
The vehicle in the above video is called a ute where I live, short for utility, as in utility vehicle.
I understand they are popular in the USa, but that is because they are exempt from most safety requirements and so are a fair bit cheaper than a much safer normal sized car.
Also their bumpers are overheight - again because they are exempt from safety requirements - these means if they hit someone they will probably kill that person, rather than with a normal car that will only bruise a person (at the same speeds)
I didn't watch the video because I am pretty sure of what is going to be shown ... redneck type people doing stupid, low level intelligence type things ... and i have only recently woken up and am only half way through my first cappuccino ... later on I may come back and have a chuckle at these 'America's finest'.

Lol inserted here to ease the judgement displayed.

Bicycle Rider said...

^^You should watch the video. Rednecks have a sense of humor, too. Seems like you could use a laugh...