Wednesday, May 03, 2023

23 Weird Celebrity Businesses

Celebrities know that their fame and fortunes can disappear at any time, so many of them branch out into different businesses. For sports stars, this is crucial because and athletic career has physical limits. For musicians and movie stars, it can be a good idea, but there have been some spectacular failures. John Green returns to the mental_floss List Show to tell us about some of the weirder businesses owned by celebrities.


Bicycle Bill said...
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Bicycle Bill said...

Another celebrity/whatever tie-in that left me scratching my head was the case of Floyd Landis, the cyclist. He was a professional cyclist, a member of the US Postal Service cycling team who rode in the Tour de France along with team leader Lance Armstrong, and even finished first in the 2006 edition. However, he was stripped of his win after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs, and his eventual confession/admission to doping ending up bringing down Armstrong and countless others in the sport.

So what is he into now? He's based in Leadville, CO and pushing drugs ... specifically, a range of CBD products under the tradename 'Floyd's of Leadville', pitching himself now as a 'world-class athlete who attained both extraordinary peaks (winning the Tour De France) and painful valleys'. Nowhere in his website does he acknowledge his doping with things undoubtedly less benign than CBD.

Maybe it's just me, but I think that if I'd killed my career and tainted my legacy through drugs and doping (and then blowing the whistle on others and collecting a three-quarter of a million dollar 'reward' for being, in effect, a dirty ratfink), I'd steer as clear of any association with even semi-questionable legal drugs as I possibly could.