Friday, October 31, 2014

Three Ways Parents are Ruining Halloween

Lenore Skenazy gives some facts about trick-or-treat night. My town sets trick-or-treat hours, but this is mostly a benefit to homeowners and the police more than for the safety of kids. At the end of the trick-or-treat window, I can go inside and relax (if the candy lasts that long). Then it's time for Halloween parties! Also, the curfew is a real help as far as traffic danger goes. Drive extra carefully tonight! (via Boing Boing)


Don said...

My hometown has been doing trunk or treat for decades. Not because parents are scared for their kids, but because we have a lot of farmers. The farmers would buy candy to pass out to kids and see less than a handful of kids.

Trunk or treat was invented so those adults could experience the joy of handing out candy to kids too.

Kids go to trunk or treat, then go home stash the candy in their room, grab another bag and do normal trick or treating too.

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, all I hear from people is "Is your mom still handing out donuts this year? Yes, my Mom is 70 years old and for the past 30+ years has handed out homemade donuts to trick or treaters. Some of those original trick or treaters are showing up with their grandkids now. Mom always gives a donut to the driver too. My sisters help her make the 300 donuts.

Miss Cellania said...

Yep, I'd never heard of trunk or treat until we moved to our present neighborhood. It would have been nice to do it before then, when we never got any trick-or-treaters.

Now we are overwhelmed every year! The difference is that the houses are closer together, it's less hilly, and there's a sidewalk. All those things make a big difference!