Thursday, March 27, 2014

Miss Cellania's Links

15 Epic Crafts Inspired by 300.

3 Epic Pun Contests (And A Few Of Their Winning Entries).

This is something I hadn’t paid much attention to, but apparently March is the biggest month for vasectomies

25 Things You Should Know About Life With A Toddler. From the time they take their first steps to the time you send them off on the preschool bus, it’s a trip through the looking glass. (via Metafilter)

Leah wanted to stand out from the crowd of job-seekers, so she made herself into a LEGO set. The unconventional resume got her a second interview, and lots of reddit karma.

19 Completely Baffling Things Americans Do. We are a weird bunch, after all.

Can’t think of a name for your boat? Here are 30 pun names others have used.

A little dog doesn’t know how little he is. And he doesn’t care when it comes to protecting the food dish from the big dog.

Is the New Star Wars Trilogy the Story of the Solo Twins and Darth Caedus? We don’t know, but here’s their story.

10 Heroic Battlefield Medics. They weren’t combatants, but they risked their lives in war just the same.

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