Tuesday, March 18, 2014

11 OTHER March Madness Tournaments

The NCAA March Madness basketball tournament begins today. But that’s not the only tournament going on, oh no! If you aren’t into basketball, we’ve got plenty of other ways to play the brackets. Many websites stage their own tournaments at the same time, to determine the best …whatever it is you’re interested in. Look at a list of them I posted at mental_floss and find something you care about -and then go participate!


Craig L. said...


And true to their nature, MetaFilter-ites found even more tournaments - Fruits and Vegetables (already completed, Broccoli won in an upset, site has moved on to Nic Cage Movies, a different kind of vegetable) and L.A. Tacos (whoa... I lived in L.A. for 40 years and only visited 5 or 6 of the 32!).

Miss Cellania said...

I saw that! It was sweet of you --and it convinced me to make another list of tournaments for tomorrow.