Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Miss Cellania's Links

Adolf Hitler’s lifelong battle with stomach cramps and flatulence led him to hire a quack as a personal physician. But that was only the beginning of der Führer’s health problems.

Two new puppies meet the very patient house cat, who just happens to look like Hitler. The cat knows they are just babies, but do they have to be so rambunctious?

These Photos Show How Heroin, Cocaine, and Oxycodone Change Your Appearance Over Time. Faces can rot away even before you die.

The signs are pointing to a power grab in the Westboro Baptist Church now that Fred is dead. The new apparent leader isn’t even a Phelps.

Going crazy in solitary. If you’re not mentally disturbed going in, you are likely to be on coming out.

Mickey was a beloved coworker who passed away at age 54. This is what FedEx did at his funeral.

The application Graph TV will show you how your favorite TV show is doing in just a few seconds. See every episode, separated by season, graphed by its IMDb ratings. (via Laughing Squid)

20 Fun Facts About Our Mysterious Feline Friends.

A Most Excellent Ggoldfish.

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