Saturday, September 28, 2013

Miss Cellania's Weekend Links

Isaac Newton: 17th-Century London’s Dirty Harry.

The Difference Between Science and Breaking Bad. While Vince Gilligan and the writers of Breaking Bad were getting a crash course in science, University of Oklahoma chemistry professor Dr. Donna Nelson was getting a crash course in television as the show's science consultant.

Wojtek was a Persian bear cub who was adopted by a unit of Polish soldiers training under the British Army in the Middle East during World War II. When the unit was deployed to Europe, the only way they could take Wojtek with them was to make him an official soldier. (via Digg)

5 Fun Facts: It's All Greek To Me.

All Republicans Want in Exchange for Not Destroying the Economy Is Everything.

Cancelled Wedding Turns into Feast for Homeless People. (Thanks, Bill Badrick!)

Photo Essay: Chasing Meth in Laurel County, Kentucky.

HAMuel L. Jackson and Other Wordplay Graffiti by Hanksy.

Did the Wrong Man Spend 40 Years in Solitary Confinement?
Tweets Reformatted as Telegrams.  (via Nag on the Lake)

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