Thursday, September 26, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

The First Beatle to Visit America.

All the James Bonds Combined. (via reddit)

Why do so many women watch Law&Order: SVU?

Twitter users sometimes go overboard or completely out of bounds when making up metaphors. Look up what they say about your home on the map called (via Metafilter)

Jeff Grubb and his fiancee Stephanie did their own set of engagement pictures, using whatever clothing and props they could come up with and filling in the rest with Photoshop. The results are a lot of fun, because they reference many of their favorite movies.

Fox Television will present a new Batman show with no Batman. Gotham will feature Commissioner Gordon as a crime fighter facing super villains with only cops to help him.

Madame Nhu was the "Dragon lady" of South Vietnam until 1963, when she disappeared for the next 50 years. A new book chronicles her rise to power with material from Nhu herself and a diary she left behind.

Psst! Wanna see a sea sponge that looks like a Muppet? It's a clear case of pareidolia, but you'll laugh when you see it.

The 10 Juiciest Presidential Sex Scandals. They all seem rather run-of-the-mill now, unlike the days when these were just unpublished whispers.

The House of Blood. Make your home look like a bloody mess with these products for all budgets.

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