Friday, July 19, 2013

Walt Disney's First Film

From 1922, Little Red Riding Hood by Walt Disney was part of he Laugh-o-Grams series. According to Flavorwire, this was a lost film for decades.

Produced in 1922 as part of the “Laugh-O-Grams” series, this short film was the first cartoon by a young Kansas City animator named Walt Disney. But it didn’t make any noise when it was released — the studio went bankrupt the following year — and by the time Disney became a household name, the film had vanished. It appeared on the AFI’s 1980 list of “10 Most Wanted Films for Archival Preservation,” and that was that. But later that decade, a British film historian and collector named David Wyatt found “Little Red Riding Hood,” as well as a later Laugh-O-Gram adaptation of Cinderella, at a sale of 16mm prints at a London library.

The story is part of a list of 17 Amazing Stories of Lost and Found Films.


Ken D said...

I think you have the wrong write-up for this science project.

Miss Cellania said...

Ken, are you seeing a different video in this spot? That happens sometimes with Blogger, I've found, if you are scrolling down the main page. If you click on the title and isolate the post, the right video should be here.