Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

Stock Market Behavior Predicted by Rat Neurons.

Here’s 75 Minutes Of CNN’s Non-Stop Royal Baby Coverage Condensed To 40 Seconds And Set To Yakety Sax.

In 1994, a fairly new software company called Netscape set up a live webcam, trained on its fish tank. That webcam is still going, 19 years later. (via Geekologie)

The Evolution of American Barbecue

Women Make Men More Generous.

My internet friend Scooter Mengele does digital restoration of old photographs. Check out his work!

Kate Middleton probably spent less on childbirth than the average American woman. A normal delivery in the U.S. costs more than anywhere else in the world, especially if you have no insurance.

A Woman And Her Father Share The World’s Most Touching Wedding Dance. It was created for him to experience before he dies of cancer.

Ten Of Television’s Finest Examples Of Chekhov’s Gun. Another reason to pay attention to details instead of working while your favorite show is on.

Striking Portraits of Superheroes Reveal Their Inner Identities. Graphic designer Khoa Ho's minimalist illustrations show the fictional niche each one fits into.

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