Friday, July 26, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

65 Cosplay Pictures From San Diego Comic Con 2013.

6 Ways to Beat the Heat Without Air Conditioning. None of which actually work.

Obama and Congress can tinker with the economy all they want, but what we really need are decent wages for workers.

Time-Lapse Of The North Pole Melting Is A Beautiful Sign Of Our Impending Doom. When that ice cap is all gone, its goodbye polar bears and coastal cities.

The Weirdest Typewriters You’ve Ever Seen. A lot of different designed were tried out before we got stuck with QWERTY.

The Simpsons Co-Creator Sam Simon Is Donating His Entire Fortune To Charity. He hopes to give it all away before he dies of cancer.

A doctor and a visionary discuss the possibilities of stopping the aging process. One believes that it's possible to live to 150 years old -or even longer.

The beauty of George H.W. Bush's shaved head. Don't miss the picture of 27 bald men and one little boy.

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