Friday, March 29, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

The Internet: It's like never leaving junior high.

Fight to the Death Inside a Moving Elevator.

Jon Hamm Is Being Treated Like an Actress. He Hates It.

13 Cats That Want To Help You Move. They're not really much help, but they sure so have fun in the process!

10 of the Coolest Librarians Alive. You've probably seen a few of them hanging around on the internet, because they're that cool.

Bill O'Reilly's turnaround on the issue of same-sex marriage surprised a lot of people, but none more than Comedy Central talking head Stephen Colbert. He was completely distraught over the news.

The Book Teach Your Wife To Be A Widow Shows How Different Things Were In 1953. The assumption was that woman just don't know enough to get along without a father or husband.

The 16 funniest Game of Thrones parodies. This should keep you busy for a few minutes while your waiting for the season premiere Sunday night.

Enjoy marshmallow Peeps recreating movies, TV shows, art and literature, and scenes from real life.

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