Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

To Sea, and Not to See. Is a fish's changing camouflage in its skin, or in your perception?

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? That's the first question you are asked in the personal combat game Super Duck Punch.  (via Metafilter)

Do Birds Fart? (via the Presurfer)

A woman's experiences in tech: Death by 1000 paper cuts.

36 Illustrated Truths About Cats.

Charlie Haughey was not a trained photographer when he was drafted and sent to Vietnam in 1967, but he shot over 2,000 pictures, most of them unpublished for decades. (via Metafilter)

The brilliant colors of India's Holi festival. Bright powder and dyes are thrown around to welcome in the spring season.

A Convincing Argument That The Walking Dead And Toy Story Are One And The Same. The similarities are uncanny, and may possibily contain spoilers.

The annual Christmas Island crab migration is a jaw-dropping show. If you can't make it to the other side of the world in the fall, watch the millions of synchronized moving crabs on video.

Hauntingly Empty Photos of Infamous War Landmarks. I recognized every one of these backgrounds even without the iconic subjects.

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