Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Duke Street Hazard

There's a slope where a garage ramp crosses the sidewalk. On icy days, this will be slick, which is why the warning cones are there. But people have to walk by anyway! Watch eight mesmerizing minutes of people sliding, a few butts busting, and at least one chain reaction. (via Arbroath)


ArtW said...

I wonder where in the world this is taking place....Here in Toronto, in snowy Canada, this slippery sidewalk would be salted in about thirty seconds.
And how about the bloke behind the camera? Is this not exploiting a dangerous condition for entertainment?
Sorry, somebody had to be the Grinch.

Miss Cellania said...

It's in Norwich, England. They are really not used to snow and ice.

Hearsetrax said...

@ Miss C

so I noticed hehehehe

Anonymous said...

how i miss kev and NTDWA.