Monday, January 04, 2021

Dog with a Stick

This dog fetched himself a big stick, and thought he'd just keep it. But he doesn't quite understand the physics of getting it through a gate. Poor doggie! (via Daily of the Day)


Dr. Mieke said...

Heh :-) We have a gate like that, and a dog who likes sticks. Her method is to drop the stick just before she gets to the gate, zip through, turn back and grab the end of the stick and drag it through. She sorted it out by herself a good while ago. Clever girl!

Anonymous said...

Back in the '60's-70's my uncle had a Dachshund with a surprising ability -- pile some chairs in a doorway, give the dog a yardstick (she would be biting it in the middle), and she would almost always weave her way with the yardstick through the legs of the chairs and through the doorway.