Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Good Reads

78 Things You Didn’t Know About Johnny Cash. Each one of these simple sentences makes you want to know the rest of the story. (via J-Walk Blog)

6 More Restless Corpses. Everywhere you turn, the dead can seem to get no rest at all.

Unpaid internships are a handy way for employers to get free labor, often illegally. Of course, only those who don't need the money can afford to do the work.

5 Secrets of YouTube’s Success. This multi-link tribute goes way beyond what I thought was its greatest attribute: it's so easy to use!

Rocking the House, the Kasbah and the Yurt. A look at heavy metal in the farthest reaches of the earth. It's everywhere!

Scientists have synthesized element 117, which fills in the hole on the periodic table. It could be years before the dust settles over who gets the naming rights.

Of coal mines and methane, which may have caused the mine explosion Monday in West Virginia. Face it, there is no safe and responsible way to extract fossil fuels from underground.

4 Secret Societies You (Probably) Don’t Know About. And that right there is the definition of a successful secret society.

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