Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun Links

The Coen Brothers Meet Quentin Tarantino. A mashup made in movie heaven. (NSFW language)

I'm always telling my kids to read the directions before cooking. Sometimes those directions don't make all that much sense.

Remember the Star Wars Uncut project to make a collaborative shot-by-shot remake of Star Wars? They've released a few minutes minutes of it, made by about twenty different directors.

A lovely duet of hang drums. Only the thought of how a beginner would sound keeps me from buying one.

The Justice League of Appalachia.

Jazmine Sullivan sings "Home" in her school's production of The Wiz. Sure, it's good, but then you should know she was eleven years old at the time, and this was an elementary school production.

Put your shoes on, we've got company! Does Hollywood really not realize how cliched a phrase is before someone makes a silly compilation?

This is a really uncool method of rejecting a job applicant. Check out the reply to see why.

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