Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fun Links

Sitcom Aliens. The "fish out of water" character was always the funniest on the show.

Travis Pastrana accomplishes an amazing tricycle jump. This would be an amazing jump no matter what kind of child's toy he used.

Ten YouTube Comments Translated into Standard English. I'm glad someone did it; YouTube is a language I have trouble learning.

What every reality show contestant needs to know. These ten tips will help you advance, or at least help you not make a fool of yourself.

Some particularly unusual units of measurement. If you have trouble converting miles to kilometers, wait until you try converting Smoots to Portzebies.

Cat gets run over by a car. Don't be afraid to look. (via YesButNoButYes)

A hippo runs over Rudy, because he didn't listen to the advice of those who had gone before. Another delightful story in the series called Congo Memoirs.

The Bizarre World of Ferrofluid. Watch liquid that not only dances, but can form a chorus line better than the Rockettes.

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