Thursday, June 14, 2007

Best Links 6/14

Ten wacky Japanese game shows.

Internet Acronyms every parent should know. I haven’t had to learn this much data at once in ages.

Disco Hitler.

Silliest headline of the week.

Pound, A short film by video and commercial director Evan Bernard.

Ten Great Big Movie Douchebags.

The Mason-Dixon line never made any sense. The South begins where all the restaurants serve sweet tea.

Macrophotography. Get up close and personal with insects. (via Dump Trumpet)

This woman missed her interview for a police officer job, because she was in jail!

The Detroit Free Press has published a video tribute to Aretha Franklin’s recording of “Respect,” which was the number one song 40 years ago. It’s a fascinating story.

At Miss Cellania, you’ll want to read about Pussycats and New Jersey.


Walt said...

I may be quarantined from the other site, but this looks like a place that could use a few comments.

Walt said...

The sweet tea thing is silly. You see it everywhere North and South.