Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Great Links 6/27

Me and My Hostage. A sitcom, believe it or not.

Take a Memphis Music Tour!

Listen to this kid sell peacock fans in many languages!

Supertits: what you are really looking for in a superhero.

Josh Blue of last season’s Last Comic Standing uses his Cerebral Palsy as a source of material instead of a disability.

Kittens found on Mars! (via All-Night Surfing)

Ten More Signs You’ve Been Single Too Long.

Control A Kid Remote. If only this worked as good as it looks! Only £3.99. (via Random Good Stuff)

Thagomizer: Dinosaur part named for a Far Side comic.

PC World linked Mental Floss in their list of “100 Blogs We Love.”

Frozen Beer-On-A-Stick sells like hotcakes.

iPhone Fever is taking hold, as the first ones are set to go on sale Friday. Some folks are already in line.

Your dose of cuteness: Hamster, piano, and popcorn.

Advice for the graduating class of 2007.

Moral Authority Nancy Grace is pregnant.

Slideshow: Inside Chinas Vast Factories.

Patients depicted in “Sicko” now facing criminal charges.

Leonard Pitts, Jr. is getting death threats and support.

CIA releases 25 years of documents on domestic spying and other crimes.

At Miss Cellania. you can read about my Vacation Trip or Older Women.

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