Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Good Links 6/6

Everyone hates the London Olympics Logo.

Yellow Ledbetter. I gave up trying to decipher what Eddie Vetter had to say about 15 years ago.

20-year-old computer science major Brian Gaynor has scoliosis, but he can do a mean robot, a dance he calls Chibotics.

The Top Ten Geekiest Yarn Creations on the Web.

Test your musical skill with the Tone-Deaf Test.

Maps of Imaginary Places.

Paris Hilton in Prison: The Game.

Pretty frog and cute stingray.

Countries with the longest mandated vacations. US AWOL.

Science tackles setting the value of a lost loved one.

Everything you need to know about yodeling.

A sea of plastic trash twice the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean.

An aggregation of the president’s approval rating polls.

What the world eats. A photo essay comparing the weekly diets of fifteen families around the globe.

Bush gives a speech on Freedom of the press, then won’t take questions from the press.

At Miss Cellania, you’ll want to check out posts on Preachers and Dating.

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