Friday, June 29, 2007

Links 6/29

If you think waiting in line is insane, see how the Japanese do it. THAT’S insane!

World’s Oldest Car Headed For Auction.

Beware the evil iPhone.

Rare lemur triplets born at Palm Beach Zoo. With priceless photo.

PC World linked Mental Floss in their list of “100 Blogs We Love.”

The smallest animals. Not bacteria, but animals you know of.

The secrets behind PostSecret.

The longest and fastest zipline in the world.

More on Memphis.

What a lovely zorse!

Quiz: My wiki is bigger than yours!

The Hello Kitty Psycho Test. (via Hello Kitty Hell)

Guyliner, the scourge of masculinity. Jack Sparrow gets a pass, though.

Despite the Web, Americans Remain Woefully Ill-Informed.

CIA releases 25 years of documents on domestic spying and other crimes.

A cost breakdown of iPhone ownership.

Bush was served subpoenas for documents, but he won’t comply. Are you surprised?

At Miss Cellania, read about Little Furballs and Traffic Problems.

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Shannon akaMonty said...

On the Hello Kitty quiz, apparently I only care about 40% :)

That sounds a little high. hehehe