Friday, January 26, 2007

Recommendations 1/26

Where Are They Now? 70’s Rock Groupies.

Ed Bremson of The Tao of Love and The Tao of Politics has started a new specialty blog! Its The Tao of Health, and you should check it out!

John Stewart recaps the State of the Union address.

Simply Left Behind offers a psychoanalysis of the president.

How To Put On A Bra. The stylish way, like I do.

Create your own business cards! Choose from several templates, add your information, change colors, and make a pdf document you can print out. See some examples I made at YesButNoButYes.

Saving Private Nemo. A funny movie remix using the video from Saving Private Ryan and the audio from Finding Nemo.

A gallery of videos featuring very expensive cars... wrecking.

At Miss Cellania, you might enjoy a post on Underthings, or Rent, or Vikings.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

I'm not being funny C and I know your love for radio, but just that first link, that article - its a beauty and you could have sold it so easily. You really ought to be a journalist, even as a second string to your bow.
Tell me you are earning money at this quietly through traditional print media; I mean you must be, yes?