Thursday, February 08, 2018

Twenty Years Later

(via BroBible)


Bill Scheitzach said...

Cause and effect, perhaps?
"If I can't have my flying car, I might as well eat Pods."

gwdMaine said...

1998: Your light bulb emits more heat than light.

2018: Your light bulb is a futuristic color LED
currently DDoSing Dyn on behalf of the Peoples
Republic of China.

It's an IT thing. .

Miss Cellania said...

I understand it, Bill. I'm happy for LEDS because incandesents were scary on my 1920s wiring. My house is full of such temporal distortions, like trying to get a 21st-century mattress to fit on a 19th-century bedframe.

Anonymous said...

There's a Tesla Roadster in space... does that count as a flying car?