Saturday, February 10, 2018

Triplets Separated at Birth for an Experiment

A new documentary, Three Identical Strangers, tells the tale of Robert Shafran, Eddy Galland, and David Kellman, who met each other as adults and found out they were identical triplets who had been adopted by three different families. The three moved in together and attended the same college. The delight of their reunion masked the more sinister story of how they came to be separated in the first place.
The most significant twist was yet to come. After doing some research, the boys soon came to realize that their separation had been deliberate as a sinister social experiment by Peter Neubauer, a psychiatrist in New York. In fact Dr. Neubauer was responsible for the separation of dozens of newborn twins, scattering them among similar families to study their upbringing. The doctor used the children to explore the theory of ‘nature vs. nurture’.

Neither the doctor nor the adoption agency ever informed the adoptive family of each boy that they were separated triplets, only that their child was part of a developmental study. Dr. Neubauer had chosen the families because they each had a daughter around two years old at the time of adoption, but had varying levels of wealth.

The triplets were then monitored closely throughout their lives.
Read the story of how the triplets found each other and learned the circumstances of their separation at Oddity Central. (via Strange Company)

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