Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Cold War Secret: Project Horizon. The 1959 proposal to put a nuclear military base on the moon.

The Tragic Romance of China's Romeo and Juliet. The heartbreakingly romantic story The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd still inspires lovers.

Finland just launched an experiment giving 2,000 people free money until 2019. The basic income program will show how $590 a month can help the unemployed get back to work.

The Loud, Empty Word That Defines President-Elect Trump.

Watch South Korea's giant Titanfall robot come to life. It's Optimus Prime with a man in his chest.

The History of Islam's Golden Age, part one, part two, and part three. For a time, they were the leaders in science, technology, and medicine.

The amazing 106-year life of Tyrus Wong.  (via Boing Boing)

The pirated Chinese translation of Revenge of the Sith now has spoken dialogue to match the English subtitles. Enjoy the video version of classic Backstroke of the West. Contains NSFW language. 

How 12 Famous Rappers Picked Their Names. One came from an internet name generator!

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