Thursday, April 07, 2016

How to Make Taco Bell Food at Home

The Brothers Green give us step-by-step instructions for making classic Taco Bell items at home. You might think this is more trouble than its worth, but listen: I’ve been a fan of the Taco Bell Meximelt since they were introduced in the early ‘80s. Back then they were meat- and cheese-filled and cost 89 cents. I still like them, but now they have very little of anything inside, and they cost $2. Sometimes they forget the meat completely, sometimes you can’t find any cheese, and you can take a couple of bites with no tomato, so making them at home would be nice.

The first video explains the ground beef, refried beans, fire sauce, nacho cheese sauce, tacos, crunch wrap supreme, double decker taco, and Mexican pizza. Although you really can’t explain Mexican pizza. 

The second video has the seasoned steak, marinated chicken, creamy jalapeƱo (Baja) sauce, quesadillas, Baja gordita, chalupa, grilled stuffed burrito, and the cheesy gordita crunch.
If your favorite isn’t here, remember that most of Taco Bell’s items are combination of items that are pretty easy to figure out. And I’m going to make that quesadilla, sans steak, as soon I stock up on groceries. (via Digg)

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