Thursday, March 03, 2016

Irish People Try To Identify The American States

In this video, people in Ireland try to identify states in the U.S. on a map. This should be funny, right? After all, they’re not even Americans, and there are a lot of states on that map. And this is from the same production company that brought us Irish People Taste Test American Beers

Well, it is kinda funny, but they know the states! How do they do that? I understand how people in other countries can be familiar with the different state names from movies and songs, but to identify them on a map, when it’s not even your own country… that’s impressive. We have plenty of Americans who can’t do that. (via Tastefully Offensive


Vireya said...

In 5th form (your junior?) we did the USA in Geography. I could place all 50 states on the map then. Have forgotten a lot of the ones in the middle now. But I was surprised when I showed the map outline to an American exchange student who was in my maths class that year. She could not identify the state she was from (Iowa), although she did know California, Florida and Texas. 3/50 - I think that's a fail!

Miss Cellania said...

Definitely a fail, but American schools rarely teach any geography anymore.

Anonymous said...

What earthly use would an Irish person have for knowing the names of US states? It's bad enough having to follow your ridiculous presidential campaign, where a giant rotting pumpkin appears to be winning.