Monday, July 01, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

Mental_floss started celebrating Canada Day early, with post after post on our neighbors to the North.

Manicures for Canada Day. 

Pre-Madonna Prima Donnas: Artists Who Were Full of Themselves.

As we mark the ten-year anniversary of the Tommy Wiseau movie The Room, how is lead actress Juliette Danielle coping with the fact that her first starring role is in a movie celebrated as the worst ever?

27 Subtitles That Have Gone Awesomely Wrong.

Instructions for a Help is a classic story from Something Awful in several parts, which you should read completely, in order.

In case you've ever wondered how hard it would be to pass the pre-Civil Rights voting literacy tests, you can try a test from the state of Louisiana at Slate. (via Metafilter)

24 Jaw-Dropping Photos Of The Construction Of The Empire State Building. Pride, skill, and a lack of safety equipment make this gallery truly thrilling.

Artist Meg Cowell has a new photo series featuring images of women's clothing floating in water. The suspended dresses have a beautiful ghostly appearance.

How to make a baby with 3 people's DNA. The resulting child would have a minuscule 13 genes from a third parent.

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