Monday, September 14, 2020

The Perfect Movie

Yeah, it's a real movie. (via reddit)


Bicycle Bill said...

This concept is not so bad that it is scraping the bottom of the barrel.  This concept is so bad that it does not even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with 'barrels'.


gwdmaine said...

"A Man of the Claw"

If it hits Netflix, I'm in. This is the kind of movie you go to on a weekend midnight showing. If 1) you could and 2) they even did this any more. It's one way cult classics are created.

WTM said...

On YouTube for rent or purchase, and:

Don said...

I have friends who like to have bad movie nights. We are doing them via Zoom this year. About 3 weeks ago, we watched this movie. It was worse than the blerb makes it sound. The dinosaur looks like a 4th grader made it as a costume, without any adult supervision

gwdMaine said...

Crikey, touch not thy sinning hands, Jezebel!
I'm forced to respond with a competing YouTube
review from Elvis the Alien:

THE VELOCIPASTOR-A Movie So Stupid I Fell In Love With It

Any movie whose central premise appears to be "Only
through the elimination of violence will we finally
be able to achieve world peace" can't be all bad
can it? This has got sequel written all over it.

And Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is worse.