Sunday, September 13, 2020

Father-Daughter Duet

Batzorig Vaanchig is a Mongolian throat singer. Here he collaborates with his daughter Marla. The song is "Xotgoidiin Unaga" (foal from Xotgoidiin), about a horse with a white blaze who always wins races. One commenter summed up the performance:
When she began singing, I smiled, when he began...I became one with the universe.
He is a talented musician, and she is following in his footsteps, but together they are just adorably wholesome. Read more about throat singing here. (via reddit)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Interesting! I haven't heard Mongolian throat singing before, only Inuit throat singing.

David P. Crews said...

A delight! If you like this, you really need to see the extraordinary movie called "Genghis Blues" where blind blues legend Paul Pena discovers the ancient art of Tuvan throat singing and participates in their national competition. It’s really a great story.