Friday, September 11, 2020

Apocalyptic San Francisco

DoctorSbaitso took drone footage of San Francisco on September 9 around 11AM, when skies are usually blue and the sun shines on the buildings. But this is 2020, and the bay area fires have the city shrouded in smoke and ash with an orange tint. Zach Fett took that eerie footage and added the soundtrack of the movie Blade Runner 2049, which only seems appropriate. (via Geeks Are Sexy)


Jane said...

Beautiful, terrible, surreal

Peter said...

Start over and emigrate now to the off-world colonies.

newton said...

In case anyone is thinking that some kind of visual effects were done to this video, that this is exactly what it looked like. There's nothing stranger than waking up and finding no light peaking pass the curtains, and when you look out you see dark red/orange like you just woke up on Mars. Everyone had their car lights on, even at noon, because it was so dark.

The redness was caused by smoke high up in the sky. Today, there is no redness because the smoke is down low at our level, but because of this the air quality is much worse. I'm glad I have a big air cleaner in the house.

This is a really strange year.

Miss Cellania said...

Thanks for the update, newton! I read about the smoke and ash blocking blue-green light, and it was such a complicated explanation, I didn't include it here. I hope you get some better air soon!