Monday, August 31, 2020

She Did It!

Earlier this summer, planes spent a lot of time on the ground when everyone canceled their vacation and business trips. That led to some shenanigans among flight crews. Flight attendant Lindsey O'Brien proved that she could close four overhead bins with her feet. Not only did she do that while supporting her body weight with her arms, she was doing in in a skirt and high heels!
"I used to do yoga and I was a cheerleader growing up so my core is pretty strong and I had to see if I could do it,” O’Brien told the outlet after her friend “wanted to try the move.”
(via Dave Barry)


Jimi said...

Thanks for putting the bottoms of your feet on the overhead bins we open and close with our hands. It's like making us walk down the aisles on our hands, and airplane floors are notoriously dirty.

Anonymous said...

Ya, is strong vooman!