Friday, May 22, 2020

Trying to Find a Job as a College Graduate in 2020

You have to feel sorry for the graduates of 2020. They get no commencement ceremony, no unemployment benefits, no stimulus check for most of them, and they are thrust into a world that's had a weird job market for years and became infinitely weirder in a pandemic. College placement offices are closed, and have been for months. 

There are quite a few things they don't tell you about getting a job when you finish school. One thing is that when companies say "entry level," they don't mean your first job, they just mean your first job with them, so they can pay you the lowest salary they have. Another thing is that the required qualifications they post are a wish list, not a deal breaker, no matter how they make it sound. Good luck out there. (via Digg)

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