Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Dam Busters a la Star Wars

George Lucas used the film The Dam Busters as inspiration for the Star Wars final action scene. HenryvKeiper took footage from the 1955 movie and synced it with audio from the climactic Death Star scene from Star Wars episode IV. (via YesButNoButYes)


saracat said...

30 of the aircrew were Canadians transferred to the 617 unit created for the raid. One of the RCAF men was an American (not unusual, prior to 1941 many Americans disgusted with Hitler joined the Canadian forces to fight).
Half of the RCAF air crew were killed in the raid.
Little known fact: Hundreds of Lancasters were built in Canada and flown by the RCAF in the war.

Bicycle Bill said...

The lights shown reflecting on the water was their "targeting computer".  The aircraft had to be at a certain height to release the bombs; too high and the bomb would end up plunging into the water just an ordinary bomb; too low and they could end up flying into the water themselves.

Since the altimeters were not sensitive enough to trust at such a loww level, the RAF mounted two lights shining downward from the planes; as the pilot flew lower and lower on his bombing approach the two circles of light gradually merged towards each other.  When the two circles were side-by-side, the bombardier knew he was at the appropriate altitude to release the bomb so it would 'skip' across the surface of the water like skipping a stone on a pond.


Anonymous said...

There was a good episode of the PBS series NOVA a few years back titled, "Bombing Hitler's Dams"

It covers the dam raid, as well as the design and manufacture of the very unique bombs used.