Thursday, May 28, 2020

Coming Soon: A Star Wars Game Show

Will Disney ever run out of ways to monetize the Star Wars universe? No. Next up, a competition series centered around everything Star Wars. That's cause for celebration among Disney and Lucasfilm executives, and fans too young to recall the original trilogy in theaters. Or on videotape.
That’s because on June 3, Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge will finally be released to the world. Hosted by Ahmed Best (aka Jar Jar Binks himself), the show is very much like the kids’ game shows many of us grew up with: Double Dare, Endurance, Guts, etc. Except this time, it’s all Star Wars.
Strangely, this game show will not air exclusively on Disney+, but will be available online to all. And it's good to see Best given a chance to play a different Star Wars character. Read more at io9.

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