Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Spinal Tap in Real Life

It doesn't matter that you aren't a Phish fan, you'll enjoy this story. Phish played an elaborate New Year's Eve concert at Madison Square Garden in which each band member was elevated on a separate platform high above the stage. And then at about 21 minutes into the show...
...midway through the next song, Sand , the platform holding guitarist Trey Anastasio came to a sudden halt , tilting a bit and requiring the frontman to grab his microphone stand to keep his balance.

After the song ended and the rest of the band was lowered to the stage, there was a few minutes of awkward silence and darkness as the automation team and choreographer tried to figure out what to do. When it became clear to the guitarist that he wasn't going up or down any time soon, he made a few jokes about falling to his death , and then did what he does best, he improvised.
Anastasio was still up there are the concert ended. You can see the relevant (meaning funniest) parts with timestamped and additional videos linked at the Metafilter post. Concert contains NSFW language.  

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