Friday, January 24, 2020

Miss Cellania's Links

The Making of the Cowboy Myth. It was nothing like Hollywood made it out to be. (via Damn Interesting)

That Time Mississippi Banned Sesame Street.

Port Sherry's Ever After, a fairy tale told in two parts. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Kate Wagner is taking on the project of writing the history of the McMansion year by year. The first installment focuses on 1970, and a "proto-McMansion" built that year. (via Metafilter)

A lesson in physics he won't forget.

A Black Man Had The Cops Called On Him At A Bank While Trying To Deposit A Racial Discrimination Settlement Check. The cycle continues.

Our modern pop culture stories are about good vs. evil in that every character must pick a side, and we are supposed to root for good over evil. It wasn't always that way.

When a Man Took a Joke in a Pepsi Ad Seriously. The company was caught by surprise, because they didn't do the math. (via Digg)

A blast from the past (2012): 7 Extreme Bugs and Creepy-Crawlies.


Bruce said...

(Looks around) Where's gwdMaine? Hmmmmmm…. Okay I'll say it. Happy Friday Miss C.

jono said...

All very good and exceptionally miscellaneous.

Miss Cellania said...

Happy Friday, Bruce! And gwdMaine, too!

gwdMaine said...

Sometimes my day job gets in the way of things, but
I am working on a lifestyle that doesn't require
my presence. Yeah, I can't wait to retire so I can get
up at 6 in the morning and go drive around really
slow and make everybody late for work.

Happy Friday all.

Bruce said... after awhile, you'll find yourself timing your trips so you can avoid rush hour. If you really want to get even.....mount a cane on all 4 corners of your car, wear dark sunglasses and drive very slow.

Happy Friday

fenix said...

hi there miss cellania, some links that you can add at your blog links of the day post section for your readers

FaulknA said...

Happy Friday! Still breathing I see. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the LOL physics problem. I love Kate Wagner. A

xoxoxoBruce said...

I late but the Ever After link goes to part 2 instead of starting with part 1. Happy Tet.

Miss Cellania said...

That's odd, Bruce, it goes to part one for me.