Sunday, August 04, 2019

It Happened

The Onion has had to run this headline way too many times. Today, they ran it twice. 

The story tends to be the same, with the location and the number of dead slotted in. Will it ever stop?


Bicycle Bill said...

And Trump is quoted as saying it's not his rhetoric or the guns, it's mental illness and hatred (of which he is a chief producer and distributer), and MAYBE we need to do more about this.  Can we please ship him back to Planet Dumbfuck where he came from?


Vireya said...

I just wish the media in Australia would stop reporting these incidents on the front page. I think they should be treated the same way bus accidents in India or other similar mass fatalities are reported; just one paragraph way back in the paper. A mass shooting in America is not news.

Anonymous said...

But Trump, whiny voice stampy feet. I see racists everywhere.