Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Miss Cellania's Links

Awkward Vintage Photos of Celebrities Posing With Their Beloved Cats. Spoiler: most are not really awkward.

A Gathering of Muffler Men.

30 Inexplicable Kitchen Designs.

'Raised in a doomsday cult, I entered the real world at 15.'

Captain America Meets Bob Ross.

I Never Knew An Op-Ed Could Be So Stupid. Even a car blog can't help but react to the insanity of the right wing.

Hand-Sculpted Archaeological Reconstructions of Ancient Faces. They look like photographic portraits.

Inside the Weird World of Restaurant Critics. (via Digg)

Why Are Europeans (So Much) Happier Than Americans?

A blast from the past (2008): Zebroids: On Beyond Zebra.


The Nag said...

Loved that Jalopnik article.

gwdMaine said...

OK. So I re-read the WSJ editorial that's got Jalopnik
so bent out of shape. Didn't agree with everything the
second time around but plenty of valid points - to be
expected from a conservative publication.


Does the author really expect everyone to take him at his
word? His googling for instance is not at the level of
what I would expect from a reputable journalist.

New Left Urbanism
The Rise and Fall of New Left Urbanism

So I learned a couple of things. The two articles are
diametrically opposed - alt-right vs. alt left. The
truth is still out there.

With regard to New Left Urbanism or Urbanists if you will;
what goes around, comes around.

gwdMaine said...

Europeans are happier than Americans because:

They're not obsessed with their racist, murderist, amoral
past. It is what it was and it's not who they are as a
people today.

They're not overly concerned with being responsible for
ensuring the safety and well-being of the world. Someone
else can handle that - they've got enough to deal with.

Bicycle Bill said...

Miss C --- that California location is not the only place where they make the giant fiberglass statues and advertising devices.  There's a company located in Sparta, Wisconsin (about 30 miles from where I live) called "FAST Corporation" — which is an acronym for "Fiberglass Animals, Shapes, and Trademarks" — that still makes these things for advertising, waterparks, and what-have-you. In fact, that huge muskellunge located at the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward WI (pictured in the comments accompanying the original article) is one of their creations.  And they keep a lot of their old molds stored outside in a vacant field next to their factory, visible to drivers traveling Wisconsin Highway 21 between Sparta and Tomah.


hfxer said...

Found the FAST Corp on google maps street view.