Monday, August 26, 2019

11 Theories on the True Identity of D.B. Cooper

My second article for Considerable is up! It's called 11 theories on the true identity of D.B. Cooper. You know, the mysterious skyjacker who jumped out of a plane in 1971 and was never seen again. In case you missed it, my first article for them was 10 famous musicians who had very different second careers. If everything goes right, I may became a regular there... which means I could go back to being a full-time blogger! So go give my articles a look, share them, etc. and I will love you forever. In other news, I have taken on a slightly-expanded role again at Neatorama, and I'm also posting occasionally at Geeks Are Sexy.


Anonymous said...

Im happy for you. Your writing style is always interesting, easy to read and nice.

Miss Cellania said...

Thank you, Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. Reading your blogs for years now. Always nice. Best greetings from Luxembourg.

gwdMaine said...

Hah! That's great! I'd hoped the
Neatorama changes would work and they did.
Lots of activity over there again.

And Geeks are Sexy.


Eyebrows McGee said...

I'm glad things are taking a positive turn!

Heather Moen said...

Your articles are my favourite! I am an avid fan of your writing and I wish you luck.