Saturday, May 25, 2019

Robot Package Delivery

To replace the gig economy workers who are delivering everything from Amazon packages to dinner, we now have bipedal robots traveling in driverless vehicles. Digit is the name of the robot, a real product from Agility Robotics. Digit is astonishingly like a real delivery person in that it walks across the grass, leaves the package on the porch, and doesn't even ring the doorbell. But unlike humans, it does not require wages after the initial investment. Also its knees are backwards. Learn more about the robot in another video. (via Laughing Squid)  

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Bicycle Bill said...

Unless they pair it with an autonomous car, they are still going to need at least one human to drive the thing around.  And I'd like to see how they are going to handle multiple deliveries where the robot's AI needs to select the correct package(s) at the right addresses.

This is a case of a solution in search of a problem.